I will look to get a copy of the core books updated so you all have the information available but this is where we can post amendments and house rules.


  1. no kill points (it’s bullshit that killing a 85pt scout squad is worth 1KP as is killing an elite body guard choice that cost 500pts), use the old victory point value method for determining winners if there is no objective.
  1. when we roll randomly to determine who goes first – keep track of that roll. You get a +1 to your roll for each time that same opponent has won the roll off (example; James and I play 2 games and both times he wins the roll off. On our next game I have +2 to my roll and unsurprisingly win the roll off. In the following game I only have a +1 to the roll off (2nickolas-1james =1nickolas)). This just keeps one players form getting a lucky break every game.
  1. “Look out sir” is only useable once per an attacking unit
  1. the causality rules for unique characters count for the entire campaign on a roll of 1, not just a phase (as the phases are only 2 games long) – see page 137 of Imperial Armor 9 for details.

Rule sets used

        40k core rule book (6th ed)

        Imperial armor IX: The Badab war book I

        Imperial armor X: The Badab war book II

        Cites of Death


        Battle missions


        Codex space marines (5th ed)

        Codex space wolves (5th ed)

        Codex Dark Angles (6th ed)

        Codex imperial guard (5th ed)

        All current FAQs

        House rules as agreed upon


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