Phase II

Phase II – Tide of Destruction

All Secessionist units deep striking can re-roll scatter

Games of 40k 3CP for loyalists / 2CP for secessionists

Special mission = Betrayal at Grief (4CP)

Loyalist victory = all fast attack count as scoring in phase III & IV

Secessionist victory = Heavy support count as scoring units in phase III & IV

Betrayal at Grief
will be played as a four way battle with each player controlling 1/2 of the total force on their side.
Loyalists have 1000 pts plus Sevrin Loth (pg 165) at no cost
Secessionists have 800 pts

It is a Boarding Assault mission (see Phase I ) but no stratagems are allowed and there is only a single objective – recovering the body of the Chapter Master!

Phase II

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