Phase I: shadows of war

Phase I: shadows of war

There are 3 missions;
1) Any game of 40k, victor gets 1cp

2) Boarding action (1000+pt.), victor gets 2cp

3) Special scenario – Massacre at Bellerophon’s fall (2000 pt. game), victor gets 4cp

being the first phase I would like to use smaller (1000pt) games keep this in mind when setting a table up. This mission set calls for games of battle fleet Gothic but as no one plays this we will be skipping them.

Special scenario “The Massacre at Bellerophon’s Fall”

Force Organization
        Loyalist must bring 3 independent character HQ choices.

        Secessionist may exchange a heavy support choices for fast attack choices.

        Each loyalist HQ alive and on the table is a point for the loyalist, any dead or off table go to the secessionist.

        There is also one point for the side with the most kill points (by point value)

Set Up
        Loyalist set up fist and the secessionist set up second all around. No loyalist reserve unless they can deep strike, secessionist can leave any units in reserve.

        Roll for who goes first

        Night fighting is likely

        lots of difficult and dangerous terrain

        game will last 5 or 6 turns

Boarding Action is a new an exciting mission

As this represents secessionist space marines starting to raid imperial ships the secessionist will be the attacker in the first set of games; we can assume that next time it will be imperial forces attacking our ships and the loyalist will be the attackers.

General mission info (in case you do not have access to Imperial Armor book 9)

Attacker: 2 HQ (1), 4 Elite (1), 2 fast attack, 5 troop, 2 HS

Defender: 2 HQ (1), 4 Elite, 1 fast attack, 5 troops (1), 3 HS

No dedicated transports, no vehicles other than walkers (defender only – may still have issues in narrow hallways), assault troops w/o jump packs count as troops.

Jump troops moving more than 6 in the movement phase as well as bikes turbo boosting count all terrain as dangerous.

Defender can pick units from the IG troop section for interior missions. Just seems like you would have some normal ship side security respond to boarding as well as the space marines who are presumably passengers.

We should use the stratagems! (they are mission specific)

There are three set ups for boarding missions – Deck level, vault level, and outer hull. I think we should add a forth; a hybrid of vault and deck. decided before game but after armies are selected (I assume)

Deck levels are all a tangle of tunnels and small rooms (space hulk tile set). I would recommend using an extending coherence rule maybe 4"?

Vault level are great big rooms, hanger bays, main energy generation, troop housing or training, etc. Normal table set up (although a 4×4 will work for a 1000pt game).

Hybrid level and the majority of the ship – rooms connected by short hallways. Use the space hulk hallways to connect the 1×1 or 2×2 tiles (like the GW gaming tables). Each should have multiple points of connection.

Outer hull a huge open area with additional rules for fighting on the surface of a ship. Large table with sparse terrain.

The attacker will have objectives rolled during set up – unless otherwise agreed upon these are the only objectives.

I will post information on the Special scenario – Massacre at Bellerophon’s fall a little later.

Phase I: shadows of war

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