The Badab Wars

Phase I ( game 3)

With the loyalist beginning to understand what they are up against a series of attacks are ordered on any vessel identified as belonging to the maelstrom wardens. Moving quickly the Star Phantoms seek to capture the Executions’ strike cruiser Manifest Hostility.

Sadly the Star Phantoms’ reach seems to have exceeded their grasp and they were not only unable to claim their prize but the entire boarding party was decimated in the flickering lights of the Manifest Hostility’s bowls. The lower decks ran red with the blood as brother slew brother and even the bravery of the company master and librarian did not stem the tide. An elite squad of terminators did manage to kill an ancient as the dreadnaught struggled to come to complete awareness but was in turn cut down by the howling Executions, who in their anguish and rage hacked at the bodies long after they had fallen.

(We played a mixed deck level – we extended the game by 2 turns as the deck levels really slow things down and if used again should have more parallel passages and should be widened to 2 in across. Most o the fighting took place in the large rooms / 2×2 board sections – although the end fight did run along the decks. You also need to adjust your deployment zones – maybe more like space hulk. We also both brought humans – I had sq of IG and James brought some ratings from the stratagems – both did very little and mine were wiped after one round of combat and his were broken and running at the end of the game. I also brought traps and bulkheads; the traps did nothing but kill the fire wasp whose job was to set them off, and the bulkheads kept opening for James as we rolled the power surge almost every turn.
We rolled sabotage (5 objectives) and James only managed to destroy 1 before he got bogged down in the tunnels – the dice ended the game on turn 7 but by then I had managed to get enough of my force to surround his command unit that it was unlikely he could have destroyed the 2 additional objectives he needed to win.)

Campaign points
Secessionist 6 : loyalist 0


rapieranddagger rapieranddagger

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