The Badab Wars

Phase I (game 1)

A raid on the convoy of a Karthan envoys ends in the loss of several vessels as well as the envoy
despite the presence of a Carchardon Strike cruiser, Silent Hunter.

A surprise raid by the Mantis Warriors managed to board the Silent Hunter. The space sharks were caught flat footed when their assault elements, planning to catch the boarders in the ships network of tunnels, found the invaders had already made it to a large maintenance bay. Exposed in the open the sharks were gunned down and the Mantis Warriors were able to establish a beach head as well as disable several power conduits. The Carchardons managed to contain the threat but a squad of terminators lead by bother Librarian kar-Jin teleported behind their lines to destroy the last remaining power conduits , disabling the Silent Hunter’s port side batteries. Although all the terminators, including Kar-Jin were lost the damage was done. With the strike cruiser disabled the Mantis Warriors withdrew and teleported out the bodies of the fallen members of the 1st company.

The crippled Silent Hunter was forced to withdrawn, taking heavy damage in doing so, and leaving the rest of the convoy an easy target for the marauding ships.

(1000pt “Baording Action” mission – Brandon / Carchardons vs Nickolas / Mantis Warriors; Vault level, Sabatoge objective only, final total 3-1)


rapieranddagger rapieranddagger

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