The Badab Wars

Phase 2 (Game 1)

While patroling Gargathea in the Khymaran System, the Astral Claws were confronted with a Star Phantom invasion force. Lead by their Chapter master, Libraian and Master Chaplin, the Star Phantoms swept through the smaller Astral Claw force killing their Chaplin. The Astral Claws had little choice but to evacuate the planet in the face of larger numbers. The war had truly begun with the Loyalists first planetary conquest.

(1000pt “Purge the Alien” mission – Jason / Astral Claws(780pts) vs James / Star Phantoms(1075pts); Vanguard Deployment, Victory points with Kill points to break Victory point ties, 2 VP to 1 VP)


rapieranddagger Jacubii

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