The Badab Wars

Phase 1 (Game 4)

The Carchardons surprised the Astral Claws with a quick assault on a patrol vessel deep in Astral Claw territory. As the Carchardons spilled into the ship, the Astral claws held their ground at strategic strong points keeping them confined to less important parts of the vessel. Despite the large numbers of Carchardons, they didn’t manage to get past the Astral Claws concentrated fire. The Carchardons left, leaving the territory still in Astral Claw hands.

(1000pt “Boarding Action” mission – Jason / Astral Claws(1000pts) vs Brandon / Carchardons(1000pts); Mixed deck level, Kill Point objective only, Kill Point Victory to Astral Claws)


rapieranddagger Jacubii

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