The Badab Wars

Phase I (Game 2)

The Astral Claw’s Caestus Assault Rams under light escort surprised the understaffed Star Phantom warship and penetrated the ship’s armour gaining access to the ship’s vault.

Through the haze caused by the Rams entry, charged Captain Corein Sumatris and his storm shield veterans followed by some very misplaced plasma cannon and heavy bolter fire. Corein and his squad charged and failed to damage the closest of four Power Conduits.
Star Phantoms moved forward firing on the Astral Claws taking out one of Corein’s veterans with plasma cannon fire.

Astral Claws fired back, taking out a Power Conduit and regular space marine. Terminator Sergeant Valens and squad deepstriked behind the Star Phantom Plasma Cannon Squad and assaulted killing 3 but losing one in the process. Corein and his squad charged nearby Terminator Sergeant Aradus and his terminator squad killing 3 terminators and sustaining no injuries.
Star Phantoms fired taking out a regular space marine. Aradus’ defense resulted in his squad losing another terminator. Valens lost 2 terminators in removing the Plasma Cannon squad.

Astral Claws fired again to no effect and Corien still fighting Aradus at a stalemate.
Star Phantom bikers came out removing the last of Valens squad member but losing one of his bikers to a malfunctioning plasma gun. The rest of the Star Phantoms fired with no casualties to the Astral Claws.

Valens charged through the bikers to assault Company Master Laskan and his squad taking out one squad member. Corein finished off Aradus and his squad moved towards Laskan. The rest of the Astral Claws failed to hit and damaged any of the Power Conduits or Star Phantoms.
The Star Phantom bikers rushed past the assualts and fired on an Astral Claw plasma cannon squad killing one. Librarian Dhrytin joined the assault with Laskan but Valens held his own.

Astral Claws fired destroying a Power Conduit. Corien charged the massing assault killing some more space marines. An Astral Claw squad attacked a Power Conduit dropping the melta bomb in the attempt.
The bikers turned back to join the assault killing Valens,an Astral Claw and wounding Corein. Corein squad had killed some more Star Phantoms and wounded Laskan.

Astral Claws fired again taking out another Power Conduit.
Laskan retreated and evacuated the now derelict warship.

(1000pt “Boarding Action” mission – Jason / Astral Claws(1000pts) vs James / Star Phantoms(705pts); Vault level, Sabatoge objective only, 3 out of 4 Power Conduits destroyed)


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