The Badab wars ! this campaign is presented in Imperial Armor books 9 & 10 and although slightly out of date they seem to work pretty well.

We will follow the rules presented in them with a few house rules thrown in as needed.

There are 5 phase to the campaign, in each we play 2 games (one against each opponent) and all play the special mission together. That will be 5 games to a phase or 3 weeks a phase – so let’s say we give each phase a month time limit, so we can have a free weekend and we play once a week(end), this entire campaign will take slightly over 4 months (there is only 1 mission in the final phase). The gaming store will work for most games and will allow gaming Saturday and Sunday after 12 when they open, if we are on time and have army lists ready we can likely grab the tables first. Jason and I can also hold games at our houses with enough notification although out terrain is not as good.

Important !! We may change the CP totals to 2 for boarding action (if one side loses 3 games it will be able to tie by wining the special mission at the end of the phase). let me know what you think.

Phase I: Shadows of War (Secessionist 8 / loyalist 0)
Phase II: Tide of Destruction (loyalist 3 / Secessionist 4)
Phase III: The Bloody Stars
Phase IV: Fall of the Tyrant
Phase V: The Palace of thorns

The Badab Wars

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